Organizational Motivators

Organizational Motivators


We all experience some kind of organizational drag during the day causing us to be less productive. I am here to help identify triggers that motivate you to be cleaner and more organized or the opposite. Take note of the things you spend most of your time on and how quickly you accomplish tasks throughout the day. Do those tasks help you become more organized or unorganized? Here are a few things to be aware of throughout the day:


Prioritizing: It’s important to discern between what is most pressing at the time and what can wait until later. Prioritizing your to-do list from most important to least important will help you be more productive. Don’t allow yourself to compromise by doing less important things before finishing more important items on your to-do list.


Letting Stress Take Over: Do your best to manage stress that comes from a busy and emotional day. Stress can cause you to be less disciplined and help you justify being an overall mess. Unfortunately, the more unorganized you are, the more stressed you will be. It will cause you to miss deadlines, lose focus on easy tasks and feel burnt out more frequently.


Music Choices: Music is a double-edged sword that can either boost your morale or bring it down. Choose music that motivates you to get going and keep going. Don’t choose songs that put you to sleep or make you sad. Try this playlist to crush your next closet declutter or help you meet the big deadline and work.


Visitors & Guests: How often do you invite friends and family over to your home? A great way to motivate yourself to be more organized is to force yourself to be ready for whoever will show up at any time during the day. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses for being unorganized because you assume that you are the only one who will see it.


Right Time: Time is you best friend and worst enemy because it’s easy to convince yourself that there will always be time to do something later. A free day can quickly fill up with things that need to be done or tasks that you forgot to take care of. Plan ahead to avoid surprises and manage your time efficiently. Set aside time to organize or at least do a few small tasks a day.


Reward System: Without a proper reward system for yourself, you will be less motivated to complete a task that requires extra effort. Set up a lunch with friends or plan a date and time to enjoy your favorite hobby after you finished an undesirable chore. Be careful not to allow your reward to be too accessible or you may be tempted to reward yourself before you earned it.


We hope this list helped you find something to motivate you to be a more organized individual. Be aware of what causes and organizational drag in your day and then set a goal to change it. If you allow yourself to be flexible and make changes to your lifestyle, you will see positive results for years to come.