How an Organized Life Saves You Money

Our homes are subject to a lot of wear, tear and traffic that comes from get-togethers, family nights, dates, personal time etc. Whatever the occasion, our homes become more unorganized after each event. It can become extremely difficult and nearly impossible to stay organized without cleaning up from day-to-day.  Even more unnerving is that an unorganized life can cost you money. How is it that we can lose money from being unorganized? These ideas will bring to light areas of the home that can be decluttered to save you time and money.


A Messy Fridge & Freezer: An overstocked fridge and freezer can cause a lot of your groceries to expire and go bad. Avoid wasting money on food and ingredients by buying groceries when you’re hungry or specifically planning each ingredient that you will actually need.. Write down a list of what you already have so you don’t buy duplicates. Plan your meals so all of your food is used and nothing is neglected.


A Cluttered Desk: Did you know your desk can cause issues at home, work, school and in your social life? Misplacing important items such as bills, projects proposals and event invitations can have negative consequences and often cost you money. Use  drawers for organizing documents and important notices that you can’t afford to misplace.


Food Pantry & Storage: Just like your fridge and freezer,  rotate your food when you buy new groceries.  Dry foods can easily be forgotten because of their long shelf life. Make it a goal to occasionally use your dry foods or check expiration dates to be aware of what you have and what needs to be used, so things don’t expire unexpectedly.


Home Closet: It can be easy to forget what clothes you have if you continue to buy more without looking through your closet. Unused clothes cost just as much as regularly used clothes. A cluttered closet masks what you have and what you think you may be in need of. Avoid buying more clothes until you know exactly what you have. Donate and sell clothes you don’t plan to wear or haven’t worn within the last year.


Disorganized Garage: Whether you have a big or small garage, it can hold a lot of things that you can’t find a place for in your home. Having too much clutter in the garage will cause you to lose track of things you know you can easily buy. Don’t make the mistake of misplacing it before taking the time to look for it. A disorderly garage can also become a home for uninvited guests like rodents and pests. So, it’s best to keep things neat and tidy.


Your home is full of rooms that can easily become unorganized. Some rooms can cost you time and money you may not have. Assess your current living space and determine what solutions will work best for your home and family.